Cichorium Seeds – Cichorium Intybus – 10 Grams/0.35 Oz (About 8,000 Seeds) Pack

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Perennial herbaceous plant of the family Compositae, with a fleshy root and erect stalk, 30-120 cm high. Leaves basal pinnatifid, collected in a rosette. Baskets single at the ends of the branches, and also two or three in the axils of the leaves. Flowers are reed, with a blue, rarely pink or white aureole. The root is yellow-brown or white, spindle-shaped, long, branchy. It occurs quite often in a wild state near roads, field hedges, in the fields, near ditches, along wastelands. Chicory is considered a number of good honey plants. He gives bees a lot of nectar and pollen, and its significance increases because it blooms for a long time, from July to September. Nectaric productivity of 1 hectare of chicory can be considered 100 kg. Beautiful heads of brightly-lit chicory flowers open early in the morning. In wet weather and even during rains, they abundantly secrete nectar. Even its not very large thickets near the apiary provide bees with tangible honey. It should be recommended for sowing on various wastelands. The roots of chicory are used in the production of coffee as an admixture to the natural and as a surrogate coffee. Due to the presence of a large amount of sugars, chicory roots can be used to produce alcohol. Young leaves of cultural chicory eat as salads, the value of which is due to the presence of digestible protein and a relatively high content of B vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic and pantothenic acids. Chicory prefers a humid climate and a light loose, fairly fertile soil. Required deep plowing. Sowing in the first half of May. On 1 hectare, sowing is done with ordinary sowing up to 4 kg, and at nesting - up to 3 kg of seeds. In the rows, the plants are thinned, bouquetted and left at a distance of 20 cm. The aisles (30 cm) are plowed and the plants are hilled. Roots are removed in October. Then the root vegetables are sorted and the best ones are laid for winter storage.