Meadowsweet Seeds – Filipendula Ulmaria – 1 Gram (Approx 1,800 Seeds) Pack

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Grows in wet meadows, between bushes, along river banks, in grassy swamps, in clearings. Blooms in June-July. Grass is harvested during the flowering period, flowers, roots and rhizomes. When harvesting herbs, the entire above-ground part of the plant is cut off, along with leaves and flowers, and dried in warm, ventilated rooms or in the shade in the open air. It is better to dry the flowers in a dark place, and collect them in whole inflorescences. Roots and rhizomes are dug up in the fall and dried in the shade, after having dried. Flowers and rhizomes of meadowsweet are used in medicine as an antirheumatic agent. In the past, the plant was used in the form of a decoction of flowers as a weak astringent for diarrhea, bleeding, as a diaphoretic, and flower powder was smelled for a cold. In folk medicine, the infusion of flowering tops of meadowsweet is drunk for heart disease, for hernia, suffocation, dysentery, headache, as an antihelminthic and diuretic, as well as for nephritis, nervous disorders, insomnia, anemia. The roots of meadowsweet in the form of a decoction are used for washing festering wounds, with dysentery, hypertension. Grass and rhizomes of meadowsweet are sometimes used for malignant neoplasms. Usually they use 5- and 10% infusions and decoctions, sometimes a tincture of vodka, and a tincture of flowers in 70-degree alcohol, prepared in proportions of 1: 10, in the form of rubbing is prescribed for rheumatic, radiculitis, neuralgic and other pains. Meadowsweet flowers are used as a surrogate for tea, and in Scandinavia they are mixed with beer and wine to add aroma. Young shoots and roots can be eaten. The whole plant is used for tanning leather, as well as for obtaining black dye. Thanks to the essential oil containing methyl salicylate, the flowers and tips of the plant with set buds can be used as an insect repellent, in this case, freshly picked flowers rub the open parts of the body, and mosquitoes and midges avoid sitting on for at least 15-30 minutes. Rubbed places, in addition, this remedy somewhat reduces the itching from the bites of these insects.