Motherwort Seeds - Leonurus Cardiaca - 10 Grams/0.35 Oz (12,000 Seeds) Pack

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Motherwort is a valuable melliferous and medicinal plant. It is found near houses, roads, on vacant lots. Bees great visit motherwort throughout the day. In a drought, the nectar secretion is reduced, but not as much as the other plants, because bees do not stop to visit the motherwort. Among wild honey plants, near human habitation, motherwort, perhaps, the most promising plant that deserves to shatters them uncomfortable areas and backyards in rural settlements in the vicinity of apiaries. The upper part of the flowering plant (grass) is used in medicine in neurosis heart, initial stages of hypertensive disease, cardiosclerosis, increased nervous excitability and mild forms of graves ' disease. Found that motherwort is non-toxic and drugs it have a calming effect on the Central nervous system, slow heart rate, increase force of heart contractions and lower blood pressure. You should sow the seeds in moist soil. Seeding depth of 1 - 1.5 cm (0.5 inch). Care seeding is loosening between the rows and weeding of weeds. Motherwort blooms in the second year of life in July and blooms until mid-August and sometimes until September.