Mugwort Seeds - Artemisia Vulgaris - 100 Grams/3.53 Oz Pack

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A perennial plant of the Asteraceae family, height 100 - 150 cm (3.3 – 4.9 ft). The plant is widely used in folk medicine in many countries as a sedative, anticonvulsant, epilepsy, neurasthenia and other nervous diseases. Very popular in diseases of the female genitalia - amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, as an anesthetic and accelerating childbirth means, as well as in tuberculous meningitis. The mugwort used in diseases of the digestive system, diabetes, anti-jaundice, as antihelminthic, sedative, tonic, bronchial asthma, edema, constipation, colds, rheumatism, gout and other occasions. Often use a decoction of the rhizomes with roots at the same dosage with the menstrual cycle, a maternity facility under the toxicosis of pregnancy, various bleedings. A decoction of two tablespoons of root in a pint of beer or kvass is prescribed as a diaphoretic, and an infusion reduced alcohol - as antitumor agents in cancer of the stomach and female genital organs. A decoction of the roots is prescribed for epilepsy, convulsions and round worms. The dried leaves of mugwort are the main raw material for cigars Moxa - moxibustion method, which is widely distributed in Eastern medicine (Chinese, Tibetan) and is used for different diseases. With this purpose the dried leaves are ground into powder, throwing out the coarse parts, the stems and veins. Leave some small silky fibres - the so-called sagebrush velvet. It is a ready raw material for manufacturing cigars and cones. Aboveground part of the plant is used as a spicy condiment for various dishes, especially fat, which in some areas the plant is cultivated. Isolated from mugwort essential oil is highly valued in the perfume industry. Mugwort has insecticidal properties, deters mosquitoes, gnats, fleas. From the aerial parts of the plant you can get green paint. Readily eaten by cattle. Good highly nutritious silage plant. Of mugwort, taken before the seeds ripen, knit brooms.