Seeds of Delphinium Elatum - 2 Grams/0.07 Oz (Approx 1,000 Seeds) Pack

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Grows in light forests, in damp places, among shrubs, hillsides, in meadows, sometimes in weedy places near housing. Blooms in July - August. For medical purposes using the entire aboveground part of the plant that is harvested during budding and beginning of flowering, cutting off some distance from the ground of leafy floral stems with a brush. The collected material is dried in the open air, in the premises or in the dryer. All parts of Larkspur high contain poisonous alkaloids having curare-like action - latin, gelatin, alderin, etc. In the grass and the flowers found flavonoids. ?latin alkaloid used as a substitute for curare in increased muscle tone resulting from lesions of the spinal cord and brain, with hyperkinesis and in other cases. In addition to the alkaloid is sometimes used and the whole plant is good as an insecticide, particularly against insect pests of agricultural crops. For this purpose, the most commonly used water extracts, which are effective against parasites of warm-blooded. When applying high Larkspur as an insecticide, you should always remember about toxicity of this plant, and therefore to observe the most careful precautions to avoid possible severe poisoning. In folk medicine, the Larkspur high is used as an insecticide and as an external analgesic, irritant agents and anticonvulsant, used for burns, tumors. In the past the plant was used as anthelmintic and protevoepilepticescoe, recommended in dropsy, colds, fever and gastro - intestinal diseases. When spring sowing seeds pre-stratified for 2 to 4 months. When sowing in the autumn the seeds are not treated.