Seeds of Lungwort - Pulmonaria Mollis - 3 Grams/0.1 Oz (Approx 480 Seeds) Pack

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Grows in the taiga zone, rare in open forests and glades. It blooms from April until the end of May and abundantly secrete nectar. The value of this honey plant is increased by the fact that he delivers an early harvest of honey, when in nature there are very few honey plants. The lungwort can be regarded as good support (for the current needs of bees) honey plant. In folk medicine grass and leaves of lungwort is used as a hemostatic, wound healing and antiseptic, a decoction and an infusion is used orally as an emollient in catarrh of the respiratory tract, as mucous enveloping and weak binders. Fresh grass juice, and canned and decoction of dried leaves is smeared heavily bleeding wounds. Sometimes the juice lungwort, diluted in the ratio 1:10, is taken internally in catarrhal conditions of the upper respiratory tract, bronchitis and pulmonary tuberculosis, as well as wash them when pustular skin diseases. The fresh radical leaves of lungwort eat. The lungwort is sometimes planted as an ornamental plant. When spring sowing seeds pre-stratified for 2 to 4 months. When sowing in the autumn the seeds are not treated.