Wormwood Seeds - Artemisia Absinthium - 10 Grams/0.35 Oz (Approx 62,000 Seeds) Pack

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Perennial herb with a short rhizome, passing in the taproot. From the rhizome leaves several lines, ribbed, branching at the top of the stems, reaching a height of 50 - 125 cm (1.6 – 4 ft). Stems and leaves on both sides of the silver-gray, as are pressed hairs. Flowers yellow, small, clustered in a globular baskets, which form paniculate inflorescence. The plant has a strong peculiar odor and a very bitter taste. It grows in the housing, along roads, in the furrows, vacant lots, coastal slopes, in young orchards, at least - in the pine forests. With drug use goals of the grass and the leaves of wormwood, which is prepared as an infusion, tincture, extract. These drugs are used as a means of stimulating the appetite and improves digestion, gastritis, liver and gall bladder and anemia. Appointed as patients after heavy operations, long-term debilitating diseases as appetizing. It has a pleasant smell of infusions used for rinsing the mouth with a bad smell. Wormwood is described in the pharmacopoeia of most countries. Herb wormwood also widely used in veterinary medicine as an aphrodisiac appetite and improving digestion means. The alcoholic beverage industry herb wormwood is used for the preparation of chartreuse and pepper vodka and essential oils - for the production of vermouth and absinthe. When sown in autumn to stratify seeds is not necessary. In the case of sowing in spring it is recommended that pre-stratification of their 2 to 4 months.