Seeds of Larch - Larix Sibirica - 300 Seeds Pack

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Larch is a large coniferous tree. The needles are soft, emerald-green, turns yellow in autumn and fall to the ground. In favorable conditions can reach 130 to 165 ft in height and more than 3.5 ft in trunk diameter. Live to be 350 - 500 years. Very hardy to frost. Photophilous. Resistant to urban air. Characterized by rapid growth in a wide range of conditions of climate and soil. Often used in field-protective forest belts as the main breed. Widely used in urban planting. Larch wood is strong, elastic and does not rot so is used in the construction of underwater structures, is on railway sleepers, poles, foundations. For medicinal purposes harvested the larch needles, but mainly from it is extracted the resin, which is used to produce turpentine and rosin. Resin is extracted by piercing method. In medical practice applied essential oil of the larch, or so-called Venetian turpentine (turpentine). In folk medicine of larch is used not only the above products but also the resinous secretions of the plant, bark and leafy shoots. Named products in the form of hot infusions prescribed for hernia, and an infusion from still shoots and a heavy menstrual period. Venetian turpentine, and the turpentine from pines and other conifers, used in people with sciatica, sciatica, neuralgic pain, in toothache, as an external analgesic and distracting way. In the past, turpentine was widely used in the mixture with ether in the form of droplets when the gall stones and as an antidote in poisoning by preparations of phosphorus. For toothache people in the turpentine used in the form of compresses, applied to the areas of skin opposite the affected tooth. Finally, radiculitis also use the compresses, over which is applied a heating pad. The leaves (needles) are used as a vitamin agent, a gum, and larch glue - like coating inside. The seeds of the larch before the spring sowing is soaked in water at room temperature for 24 hours. Seeding depth of not more than 0.6 in.